Diane & Jim - Manakin-Sabot, VA

After dealing with my aging parents and their high costs of care, my husband and I decided to look into long term healthcare for ourselves. We hope it will save our children from the cost and stress we are under now with my father. Mark was wonderful in guiding us through this process. He helped us narrow down our choices and find the best policy for both of us. I highly recommend Mark if you find yourself in need of insurance.

Randy & Mickie - Jenks, OK

My wife and I had been considering the need for long-term care insurance for some time. My sister in Atlanta had used Mark in her search and was very pleased with the service he provided. Mark did a great job for us as well. He provided several options and discussed the pros and cons of each. While the company I work for has an agreement with a third party provider we choose Mark because of his professionalism, knowledge and quick response time. He was always available and very prompt in responding to my inquiries. The best part being he was never pushy or overbearing. Mark helped us in securing term life insurance for me as well.

Linda Z. - Gainesville, VA

When I decided to begin researching long term care coverage for myself last year, I was fortunate that my internet searches for help in this matter led me to Mark Covey. Mark guided me through the maze of policy options and ultimately helped me to identify the coverage that was right for me. He patiently answered all of my questions and provided documentation to help me understand the special terminology used in these policies, along with explanations of the policy options and pricing. When we narrowed the policy choices down to my “short list”, he helped me through the application process and served as a very helpful liaison between me and the insurance company until the underwriting process was completed and the formal policy was issued. I could not have been more pleased with the assistance that he provided.

Tom F. - Arlington, VA

Should I need to purchase another LTC policy in the future, I would contact Mark Covey without hesitation. He knows the products very well and was an expert sales representative of the policies we compared. His management and follow through on our complex double policy purchase was also well done.

Colleen & Mike - Raleigh, NC

I knew that my husband and I would need long term care insurance to protect against future needs. I got Mark Covey’s name and gave him a call. I found him to be very patient with all of my questions over the many months. He gave me lots of choices and helped me narrow down to one company. I feel very confident with the choice I made and would recommend Mark very highly. He cleared up all the confusing details and gave me all the time I needed. I never felt rushed or pushed. I feel confident that we’ll be okay if and when the need arises as we get older.

Deby F. - Hendersonville, TN

Mark was so helpful throughout the entire process of acquiring long term care insurance…from explaining what it is, what it does, and helping me decide on the best options for my future care needs. He was pleasant, professional and patient. I can now rest well knowing that if and when the time comes, I will be covered and be in control of my care. Thanks Mark!

Philip C. - Jersey City, NJ

My sister was thrilled with the service Mark provided and strongly recommended him. And she was right! From day one, Mark made the process very straightforward and simple. He identified a number of plans that were suitable for me, answered all of my questions quickly and clearly. I could not have asked for a better guide in navigating the task of finding this type of insurance. Thanks for all your help Mark!

Connie & Tim - Collierville, TN

I began researching LTC policies after speaking with an elder care attorney handling my parents’ trust. My parents had not planned for LTC and it’s not an issue my husband and I wanted our children to be faced with for us. Initially, I was interested in a policy for myself unsure that my husband would qualify. Mark suggested that we apply together. He explained if my husband was not approved for a policy then I could continue with a policy for myself alone. Mark sent us a side by side comparison of policies & benefits from top rated companies. When I had questions Mark responded immediately. I received updates on where we were in the process weekly. Mark simplified a complex process for us and we were thrilled that both of us were approved. We greatly appreciate the guidance that Mark provided.

Brian & Janette - Kenna, WV

I’ve always had the desire to have my life in order. I feel there is something to be said for those who work, save and prepare, as best they can so that they will not be a financial burden upon their family or the American Tax Payer. God has blessed my wife and I. He has given us the knowledge and the means for us to finance, as best we can, our possible future healthcare needs. Mark Covey became a part of that planning process several months ago. We did most of our correspondence by email and Mark was very quick to answer questions and was very knowledgeable in his work. He was never pushy and was patient with me as I slowly came to a decision as to what I felt my wife and I needed. Great guy to work with! Thanks, Mark!

Paul M. - Grayson, GA

I was put in contact with Mark through the AALTCI website and am very glad I made that choice.  Mark was always prompt and professional in responding to emails and phone calls and his extensive knowledge of the industry was very helpful in placing me with an excellent company with the coverage I desired. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for LTC insurance.

Andy & Diane - Abingdon, VA

Our parents purchased long-term care insurance many years ago. As we watched how it helped two of them we decided it was time to purchase policies as well. Like many people, we found Mark through the internet. We were slow and deliberate in the process. As we expected his knowledge helped us in our purchase. Additionally, when it came time to finalize the purchase, he went above and beyond to get the process completed for us in a timely manner. He and his office graciously and enthusiastically helped us, even during his vacation week! We are glad we found and then let Mark help us with this process.

Joe & Michelle - Roswell, GA

What a pleasure to work with someone like Mark who really knows what he is talking about.  He did a wonderful job helping my wife and me to acquire the right LTC to suit our needs.  He really made the information easy to understand, and that in itself is a tough job considering how convoluted the information can get.  Mark also really did a great job getting us insurance from a different company after we had been declined by the first company we applied to.  Thanks Mark for a terrific job!!!

Joan and Ed - Fallston, MD

My wife and I worked with Mark on a joint LTCI policy. He was very knowledgeable, patient, and responsive to all of our questions and concerns allowing us to make an informed decision in a somewhat overwhelming and complicated process. I believe his experience and expertise helped us select the best policy suited for our particular needs. I would recommend Mark to anybody who is interested in obtaining the best value long-term care insurance policy on the market.

Cheryl D. - Hedgesville, WV

Mark proved an invaluable guide during the selection of a long-term care insurance policy. His knowledge of the different options and patience in answering my questions, made the daunting task of choosing the correct policy for myself, so much easier. Thank you, Mark!

Gretchen & Roger - Norfolk, VA

We found Mark to be extremely knowledgeable, objective, and not the least bit “pushy” as we worked through our insurance preferences and policy options.  Mark provided additional literature to better educate me on the myriad insurance options and personal family preferences;  he always followed up with detailed explanations for any specific questions that we had.  All of our “meetings” were conveniently conducted via phone calls that accommodated my timeline and work schedule.  He even replied to one of my weekend email queries while he was on vacation, visiting family (WAY beyond the call of duty)!  I liked Mark’s customer service style and felt very comfortable working with him.  I’ve passed his name along to several of my friends who are in the market for LTCi.

Dane & Connie - Rising Fawn, GA

After a significant amount of study, my wife and I concluded that Long Term Care insurance is a key part of sound retirement planning. We contacted three outstanding companies recommended by consumer advocate Clark Howard. As the process unfolded, Mark emerged as our top agent of choice. Presented information was relevant, timely, and easy to access. In our research about LTC insurance, my wife and I developed specific thoughts related to policies terms appropriate for our situation later in life. Mark honored our preferences – presenting three solid customized options. We never experienced any high-pressure sales – just great service!

Bill & Elisabeth - Matthews, NC

I wanted to recommend Mark when you are searching for Long term care. My search started when my company announced that LTC would be available as a new employee benefit. Mark helped me understand the differences pro and con of the corporate offering and found a solution that was better and even less expensive.  I also consulted another advisor who sells whole life insurance products that can also address LTC costs. He compared the solution from Mark and what he could offer and said Mark’s solution was better!  And Mark is easy to work with and responsive which enhances the overall buying experience!

Mark H. Covey, CLTC, CSA

Mark H. Covey, CLTC, CSA

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